Red Glead Discovery AB

Red Glead Discovery is a CRO within premium preclinical drug development. With focus on small molecules and peptide-based therapeutics we drive and facilitate project progress towards milestones. Red Glead Discovery’s expertise include:
– Medicinal chemistry: Custom synthesis, Finding starting points, Hit to lead, Lead optimization
– Peptide chemistry: Design, Synthesis, Purification, and Analysis
– ADME & Analysis: Bioanalysis, Physicochemical and in vitro ADME characterization, NMR expert service
– In vitro biology: Biochemical and cell based assays and assay development, Cell isolation and separation

Dr. Richard E. Johnsson

Richard E. Johnsson did his graduate work in carbohydrate chemistry with professor Ulf Ellervik at Lund University. After presenting his dissertation in 2008 he moved to Montréal, Canada, and worked with professor Masad J. Damha at McGill  university as a postdoctoral fellow. At McGill University he worked with nucleic acid chemistry and chemical biology. After almost three years at McGill he moved to Lund University where he worked as an independent research within carbohydrate chemistry to target bacterial virulence. In 2014, he started to work at Red Glead Discovery where he since 2016 is the Chief Scientific Officer. His main research area is medicinal chemistry with focus on carbohydrates, peptides, and nucleotides.