Synthesis of a diversity library of glycomimetics: towards a glycomimetic chip for drug discovery in glycomedicine

Nives Hribernik

Nives Hribernik obtained her  MSc in Pharmacy at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) in 2017. Under supervision of Prof. Marko Anderluh she worked on discovery of glycomimetic inhibitors of bacterial N-acetylglucosaminidases. Before graduating she also completed an internship at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Helsinki (Finland) where she worked on synthesis of purpurealidin inspired compounds.

She is currently pursuing her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Anna Bernardi at the University of Milan and Prof. Roland Pieters at the Utrecht University. In her project she is focusing on synthesis of a diversity library of glycomimetics, aiming to construct a glycomimetic chip that will be addressed against various lectins.


  1. Nives Hribernik, Alice Tamburrini, Ermelinda Falletta, Anna Bernardi, One pot synthesis of thio-glycosides via aziridine opening reactions. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2020, doi: 10.1039/D0OB01956A.