Lund University

The research of our groups is centred around molecular recognitions studies in biological and biochemical systems. The molecular recognitions studies found the basis for design of biologically active novel compounds as drug leads and as chemical biology tool compounds.

Our expertise includes:
– computer- aided drug design of new biologically active compounds
– structure- and ligand-based design of enzyme inhibitors, receptor agonists and antagonists
– optimisation of affinity, selectivity, and ADMET properties
– design of biological tool compounds
– design of in vitro assays

Professor Ulf  Ellervik obtained his PhD at Lund University 1998 working on synthesis of analogs to Sialyl Lewis X under supervision of professor Göran Magnusson. He then spent almost two years (1999-2000) working with professor Peter B. Dervan at California Institute of Technology as a post-doctoral fellow with a focus on DNA-binding polyamides. He initiated his own research, which is focused on the use of carbohydrates to reach biological goals, in 2000. He has a special focus on xylosides for investigation of the glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis and the use of sialosides for various medicinal chemistry projects. In 2009 he was promoted Professor in Bioorganic Chemistry at the Lund Institute of Technology (Lund University). He is also an author of popular science and textbooks with a total of nine published books.

Prof. Dr. Ulf J. Nilsson

Ulf Nilsson obtained his PhD at Lund University 1995 working with oligosaccharide synthesis under the supervision of professor Göran Magnusson. He did post-doctoral studies 1995-1997 at University of Alberta, Canada, with professor Ole Hindsgaul developing methods for combinatorial carbohydrate chemistry. He initiated his independent research career at Lund University 1998 as an assistant professor. Nilsson was promoted to associate professor/senior lecturer in 2001 and full professor in 2009. Research interests are focused on molecular recognition studies in biological systems and in artificial model systems, biology and medicinal chemistry of galectins, sialic acid transport proteins, and DHODH enzymes, and chemistry at brain-machine interfaces.