Acies Bio, Biotehnoloske raziskave in razvoj d.o.o.

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Acies Bio, Biotehnoloske raziskave in razvoj d.o.o.

ACIES BIO is a reserch-focused microbial biotechnology company, dedicated to development of efficient microbial strains sustainable production processes and novel bioactive compounds. ACIES BIO uses its expertise in metabolic engineering, directed evolution, bioprocess development, downstream processes and (semi-)synthetic chemistry to enable discovery and development of natural product-based pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Our expertise includes:
– metabolic engineering of diverse classes of microorganisms
– biosynthesis of polyketides, vitamins and other bioactive molecules
– synthetic biology approaches towards new and improved biosynthetic pathways
– development of efficient industrial bioprocesses
– downstream and isolation/purification of small molecules and proteins
– structure determination
– scale up and pilot scale bioprocess development
– Intellectual property management and commercial development of biotech projects

Dr. Gregor Kosec

Director for Research and Development

Dr. Gregor Kosec studied chemistry at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Slovenia, where he obtained his BSc in 2001. Carrying out his PhD research work at San Martin University in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia he graduated with at the Jožef Stefan International Post-graduate School in 2006. In 2008 he joined the Slovenian biotech start up Acies Bio, first as a project manager and later as Head of Science and IP and finally as Director for Research and Development. His research interests are development of novel bioactive compounds of synthetic and natural origin and applications of metabolic engineering of industrial microorganisms, particularly of secondary metabolites.