Structure-based design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel ligands targeting galectin-8

Sjors van Klaveren

Sjors van Klaveren completed a bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry with a thesis in the group of Dr Robin Bon at the University of Leeds in 2014. This thesis focussed on the synthesis of activated click-groups for bioorthogonal immobilisation of proteins on self-assembled monolayers.

His master’s degree was obtained from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2017. The thesis work was performed in the group of Prof. Rob Leurs and focussed on synthesising inhibitors for parasitic phosphodiesterases aiming to treat the neglected disease Trypanosomiasis.

This PhD4Glycodrug project is carried out at the University of Ljubljana and Lund University under the supervision of  both Assoc. Prof. Tihomir Tomašič and Prof. Ulf J. Nilsson. Combining computational design and organic synthesis, Sjors aims to produce glycomimetic ligands with high selectivity for individual galectins in order to address immune disorders and cancer development.