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PamGene International BV ( is a high-tech post-genomics company which has developed a unique microarray technology that can be used for the rapid development of both diagnostics and pharmaceutical products. The company was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from the diagnostic company Organon Teknika. Of her employees, more than half are active in research and development. PamGene won the Rising Star Award and this high-tech SME is anchored in science and business through the support of international well-known scientists and universities as well as through commercial relations with first class companies. This places PamGene in a unique position to have insights into healthcare from both academia and industry. PamGene has developed a 3-dimensional flow-through microarray technology that can be used for the analysis of both proteins with a focus on protein activities (kinases, phosphatases, glycosyltransferases, etc). This proprietary technology is protected by a series of patents. This biomarker platform is applied in immune oncology to predict a patient’s response to therapy. A multimodal approach ((de)phosphorylation and (de)glycosylation) is enabled on one and the same micro-array platform.

PamGene offers their advanced integrative microarray platform exeprtise to the partners. It involves immobilisation of carbohydrates and can monitor binding or reaction events over time, adding the kinetic dimension over other mostly static end-point based array systems. While already used in collaboration with UU for the identification of multivalent carbohydrate binding, here a specific goal is to create a glycomimetic chip displaying all the glycomimetics building blocks the consortium has to offer and will be leading in the world. This will enable immediate identification of suitable mimetics, a crucial step in the development of glyco-drugs and their crucial biomarkers.

Dr. Rob Ruijtenbeek

Vice president R&D Pamgene, PhD4GlycoDrug partner organisation

Dr. Rob Ruijtenbeek is Vice President R&D at Pamgene (‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands), where he heads a multidisciplinary R&D team performing research and development of peptide microarray products and applications in the field of kinases, phosphatases, nuclear receptors and other drug targets. The focus of his current research is the application of peptide microarrays in biomarker discovery in clinical oncology, predicting response to targeted and immuno therapies. He is affiliated with the medicinal chemistry and chemical biology group of Utrecht University, where new applications for the peptide microarray technology are investigated in the area of pharmaceutical and diagnostic research & development. This has resulted in multiple scientific publications, patent applications and commercialized products.

Rob Ruijtenbeek holds a M.Sc. degree in both biochemistry and organic chemistry from the University of Nijmegen (1996) and received his Ph.D. degree in 2001 at the faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands.